Pokemon Go Hack

Pokemon Go Hack

Firstly, no legendary Pokemon are currently catchable. That accounts for the absence of five Pokemon – Mew and Mewtwo as well as the three birds of Articuno, Moltres and Zapdos, upon whom Pokemon Go‘s three teams are based.

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That the legendary birds are so intrinsic to Pokemon Go’s premise suggests that they will surely make an appearance in the future. Nintendo have historically indulged in time-limited distribution of special-edition Pokemon for this game franchise in the past, so we could see the legendary Pokemon become catchable in this context.

Besides the five legendaries, there are the region-exclusive Pokemon.

Pokemon Go Hack

Pokemon #150 – Mewtwo, not available yet on Pokemon Go

Mr Mime is exclusive to Europe, Farfetch’d can only be found in Asia, and Kangaskhan is available solely in Australia and New Zealand. Tauros is the North American exclusive.

Our aforementioned Master was from the US, and had thus bagged himself a Tauros – but had collected none of the others.

Now, before you go booking any flights, it’s worth considering that the region-exclusives are still available everywhere via the hatching of eggs. You won’t find a Kangaskhan hanging out in your back yard, but if you hatch the right egg you could still get your hands on the rare Pokemon.

The problem is that you could end up with a squadron of Pidgey out of your eggs, without ever getting a whiff of a region-exclusive.

Pokemon Go Hack

The legendary Pokemon, Mew

That leaves Ditto – an oft-isolated oddity of a Pokemon whose primary use in previous series has been as a breeding partner (players could clone any Pokemon by pairing it with a Ditto, rather than enduring the difficulties of finding a good match among other monsters).

Someone did manage to hack the game and make Ditto appear, by changing the programming code of the Pokemon Go Hack client – but when attempting to catch it, the game crashed repeatedly.

Perhaps Ditto is being withheld for some similarly unique use in a later expansion of Pokemon Go; we can only speculate.

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So technically that fellow in the US was not a Pokemon Master – he is able to catch 145 Pokemon, but he’ll need to get walking to hatch those eggs!

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